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Equine Osteopathy


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Phoebe’s Qualifications

Phoebe attended the Osteopathic Centre for Animals for her PG Dip. in equine and canine osteopathy. She is one of the few practitioners in the UK to have completed the Balanced Through Movement Method Nerve Release Course (by Celeste Lazaris) and has also attended the Dr. Daniel Kamen Chiropractic/Mobilisation & Myofascial Techniques CPD by Horse Saddle Rider. 


Horse Centred Care

For Phoebe, treating horses is not just about loosening tight muscles. It’s trying to find why your horse has developed a certain pattern, mentally as well as physically. What experiences may have triggered certain protocols of movement and how can we best support the horse in living in our human environment with our human requirements. This empowers owners to continue with their own horses care and development rather than just replying on professional help when they meet a problem. 


Part of the Team

 Osteopathy is a fantastic treatment to help your horse feel his best. Massage, manipulation, stretching, postural and rehabilitation advice are some of the tools used, with the main principles being that ‘structure and function are inter-related’ and ‘the body is a unit’. As an example, while your horse may be experiencing soreness under the saddle, releasing tension in the muscles which are holding him in this posture along his whole back, legs and neck, is more beneficial than just ‘rubbing what hurts’. Similarly if one side is more sore than the other, identifying compensatory patterns from the source (referring to vet where appropriate) will ensure the whole of your horse is moving well.

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